Van Winkle 12 Year Lot B Review


Van Winkle Special Reserve Lot B

Appearance: As I pour the heavenly golden-hued dram of Pappy 12 year into my glass I reflect on my great fortune to partake of a drink like this with no comparable match readily available on the shelf today.

Nose: The intoxicating aroma of the Pappy 12 year nearly brings me to my knees with its strong vanilla and candy corn, reminding me of trick-or-treating on Halloween in the rich-kid neighborhoods and scoring way better candy.

Taste: Swishing the Pappy 12 around in my mouth I detect notes of a brand new No. 2 pencil, a burnt sienna crayon, stale but soft Nilla Wafers, Cadbury Eggs, and four leaf clovers. The mouth-feel is creamy like a coffee with too much half-and-half and butter cream birthday-cake frosting.

Finish:  The seemingly endless finish on the Pappy 12 leaves me with hints of mint leaves, ripe fleshy fruits that have been soaked in rum, dried out and then re-soaked again in cognac, and just a whisper of dry fall leaves. The most challenging and the most balanced of the entire Pappy Van Winkle line. A must-buy if you can only have one of the Pappys!