Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Review


Pappy Van Winkle 15 year

Appearance: Dark brown, reminiscent of a Kentucky coal miners face at the end of a hard day. A visual homage to all the hardworking blue-collar folk who drink fine bourbon to recover from the labors required to keep our nation moving.

Nose: Ethanol notes played on the treble clef while vanilla sugar cookies are played on the bass clef. Like the sweat of an alcoholic confectioner. Tingling on the nose hairs is a whiff of Domino sugar that lingers for several seconds of bliss. Why drink this when you could just sniff it all day?

Taste: Remember when Mom used to make chocolate chip cookies? She used a wooden spatula and lots of vanilla extract. You used to sneak tastes of the batter. One time you licked the spatula and all it had was vanilla extract on it. That is the taste: wooden spatula coated in vanilla. You taste a ‘lil more and old ethel (ethanol) appears to remind you this dessert is for adults only. Still thinking of your Mother you are fulfilled by her pride in you acquiring enough wealth to drink such rare pleasures and to cease stealing her cookie dough.

Finish: The finish is an important sale being made, more zeros in the bank account, envy of your friends and hints of getting lucky with a girl that works in a 5 star restaurant.

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