Not Taking No for an Answer?

You just don’t listen do you?

Pappy Van Winkle is only released once a year in the Fall in super tiny allocations. Very few bottles ever reach the shelf anywhere because the demand is so great. So where do those bottles go? They go to store regulars, or a waiting list, or they are raffled away, or the store owners just keep them for themselves so they don’t have to deal with the shit storm of non-regular customers asking about Pappy every damn day when they’ve never spent a cent to buy anything at their store.

Does that person sound familiar? Don’t be surprised when the liquor store employee or owner laughs in your face and rudely tells you to get lost. A dozen other assholes have already asked them that same question just today.

Calling every liquor store in the phone book asking whether they have Pappy will never get you a bottle. Searching online will definitely never get you a bottle. If you don’t already have an existing relationship with a liquor store owner you’re too late. You’re just wasting your time trying to hunt down a bottle.

But I Really Want Some Pappy! What’s the Secret?